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An independent boutique firm specialized in business conference and event management

To be one of the boutique business conference organizer and event management firm

Our vision is to be known as the leading boutique firm of conference organizer and Events Management with a focus on Asia Pacific.
As a business conference organizer and event management, our firm is dedicated to provide high standard quality experience and service to our clients.
We bring foresight and information, encourage communication and build connection within industry and across countries.
We help our clients to think new perspectives and outperform their business if anyone thinking of growing their business in or with our market.


Collaboration is the basis for bringing together the knowledge, experience and skills of multiple team members to contribute to bigger thinking and great practice. It plays a curial role in today’s business world. We will help you get a new perspective on collaboration and discover the hidden value within your organization. We collaborate closely and openly with our clients because we believe mixed minds generate more powerful ideas. That’s why the number of collaborative partnership is increasing. We value collaboration as a successful business model, To become more effective, we need better collaboration that allows information to be shared and demand to be understood between organizations and regions. We provide a platform for collaboration to you and your target clients.

Innovation’ has long been used to describe how enterprises differentiate themselves and stay ahead of their competitors. It is the lifeblood of organizations that want to survive and thrive in the increasingly competitive and global marketplace. It could be recognized as the main driver of organizations’ competitiveness. Innovation means seeing things for what they could be. - is more than great ideas, but also means the time to market. - Innovation of technology, business model and management operation offers opportunity for obtaining success. We will organize a number of events, seminars and workshops to facilitate interaction within and across industries and stimulate innovative thinking.

So many problems escalade when there is no communication, and many problems are resolved when there is communication. Effective communication is an essential component of organizational success no matter it is at the interpersonal, organizational or external levels. Effective communication leads to better relationship. We encourage an interactive approach to communication within organizations and towards clients. We develop influential and content-intensive communications programs based on the comprehensive understanding of industry leaders demands and aspiration. With the need of effective communication via various types of communication channel, we see opportunity and prosperity.

We provide an excellent channel for learning, research into the latest industry trends and face-to-face networking opportunity. Every event and conference bring together senior-level speakers and attendees who are driving change within the industry and seeking the solutions, partners and latest technologies to propel them into the next generation. Making connections is not just limited to our creative products, but is central to how we work. We will give clients practical knowledge and the tools to maximize their partnership relationships in order to maintain successful, effective and lasting partnerships.


Business to Business (B2B) Conference, a part of media service
Since the conference concept inception after Half More Century, Everyday and Everywhere are being.
Daiss Associates offer a comprehensive service that includes organizing and running the business conference and events for multiple industries: from research, analysis, marketing, sales, and logistics to onsite services. We provide our partners with sound expertise, on-the-ground logistics and tailor-made packages based on a comprehensive network of unique size and depth. Business conferences are organized into highly specialized sector that mirror our fields of expertise in financial industry: Capital Market, Structure product, Corporate and Investment and Technology.
Our conferences leverage a global research base of best practices to produce an unrivaled portfolio of problem-solving platform.
Our event types span the entire gamut: offer tailored events for our clients such as corporate networking, product launch and road show.

Event Management (M.I.C.E) – Meetings, Incentives, Congress, Events & Road Shows
Event Management (M.I.C.E) will help our clients to design, organize and operate Meetings, Incentives, Congress, Events and Road Shows are tailored to their business objectives and sales/marketing requirement. Our services include site selection, program design, speaker invitation, delegate registration, destination management, and Video, Audio and onsite entertainment experience through end. We will offer you professional, high standard operational services from concept to the end according to your specific needs as well as the one stop solution for your business success.
As an independent boutique firm specialized in business conference and event management, have various experience of creating, organizing and managing world's leading strategic business conference, events and road shows. We have professional conference production, sales, marketing and operation process, which are specialized and cooperating with each team to create successful conferences and events and take pride in building strategic long-term relationships with our clients.

Public Relations

Daiss Associates Ltd and its operating teams have as their core values honesty, integrity and respect for people. These core values determine the way we approach business and they define the principles in which we expect our people to behave in the conduct of our business. This maximizes flexibility and leverages local knowledge, regional support and global strength.

No one owns us, so we are free to think, independently to listen, question and evaluate with an open mind unrestrained by conventional wisdom - and then decide for ourselves.

Deliver optimum, strategic and creative programming for its clients.

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We are experts in research, business development, events management, marketing and public relations.

We work to make our clients' brands more valuable through the implementation of creative ideas.

We recruit and retain talented and motivated people to provide the highest level of client service

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